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ACME UNDERGROUND: Manhattan club where the Pillows have appeared.

ACZEL, TOM: Artist who did peacock-and-pillow sleeve drawings for the Affectionette EP.

AFFECTIONETTE: A 7" EP on Rover Records, released in conjunction with New Affections.

ALLENTOWN: City in southeastern Pennsylvania where the Silly Pillows have converged for their rehearsals these past few years.

AS SEEN ON TV: 1996 compilation CD featuring the Pillows, released by Spare Me Records.

BAKER, CHET: Legendary jazz trumpeter and singer, who is mentioned in "My Little World", and whom Jonathan subsequently impersonates in the jazzy outro to the song.

BINGHAMTON: Small city in upstate New York (near the Pennsylvania border), in whose general vicinity various Pillows, past and present, reside.

BOOKBRIDGE: A bookstore in the Binghamton area that played a pivotal role in the history of the Pillows in the 1990s, as various band members first met through their connections to this store.

BROWNIE'S: Manhattan club where the Pillows have appeared.

CANDYBARS: Double-7" compilation on Little Teddy featuring brief songs by many bands, including the Pillows. Released in 1995.

CAUGHT IN FLUX: This zine and its predecessor, Writer's Block, have given the Pillows lots of exposure since early on in the band's career.

CAWS, MATTHEW: Hilary's brother, leader of the '80s band Cost of Living and the '90s band Nada Surf. Matthew appears as a guest backing vocalist on the Pillows' "Katy Tongue in Cheek".

CAWS-ELWITT, HILARY: Jonathan's wife. Originally one-half of the original Silly Pillows duo (as vocalist), Hilary now assists the band in various behind-the-scenes ways.

CAWS-ELWITT, JONATHAN: Silly Pillows founder, vocalist, songwriter and, for the first ten years of the band's history, musician. Jonathan has also done most of the artwork and design for SP releases.

CHICKFACTOR: A magazine that has publicized the Pillows and has also arranged some of the band's live appearances.

COFFEE TALK: Binghamton cafe where "Silly Pillows Unstuffed" has recently been appearing.

COSMIK DEBRIS: e-zine that has given the Pillows some repeat attention.

DAVIS, STUART: Modern artist (mid-20th c.) spoofed on the Out of Our Depth cover.

DE LUKE, CHERYL: Silly Pillows vocalist/songwriter from 1993-1995 (and occasional participant in Jonathan-and-Hilary recordings before that). Cheryl also painted the Strangest of the Strange LP cover.

DEGRADS: A Rochester, N.Y. punk-pop (and general rock-'n'-roll silliness) band in the early '80s that featured Sam and Jonathan. The band's self-released single, "I Saw Bobbie Sobbing in the Lobby", was reissued in 1997 as a bonus track on Pillow Paw Prints.

DELAUNAY, ROBERT & SONIA: Modern artists (early 20th c.) spoofed on the Out of Our Depth packaging.

DOPEY: Early '90s U.S. cassette comp (Pop Cult) featuring the Pillows.

EL GRAPHICS: The graphic design company of Mike Alway (of Cherry Red and el Records). Alway did the sleeve design for Pillow Paw Prints.

ELWITT, SAM: Brothers Jonathan and Sam were periodic musical collaborators from teen days all the way through Jonathan and Hilary's early Pillows era (Sam appears as songwriter/musician on several Pillows tracks from before he fully joined the band). Since 1993, Sam has been Silly Pillows guitarist/songwriter/vocalist (and, at times, bass guitarist or drummer). Sam's other musical activities include Sea Monkeys, the Nutley Brass, and the Hazeltones.

EQUILIBRIUM: The title track of the SPs' first studio-recorded EP (released by Perfect Pop in 1994).

FEINBERG, SETH: Co-writer of two songs on the Out of Our Depth album. Seth, Sam, and Jonathan were briefly in a band together in Boston in 1985.

FEZ: Manhattan club where the Pillows have appeared.

FIATO, MICHAEL E.: Silly Pillows bass guitarist/songwriter/vocalist, intermittently from 1993-1995 and permanently from 1996 on.

FIORETTI, DAN: Prolific home-recording artist who collaborated with the Pillows on several projects in the early '90s. Two of the resulting, cassette-released tracks have made their way onto SP reissue vinyl or CD.

FLOATINFRIENDS/TEICHIKU: Japanese major label that released Pillow Paw Prints.

FUNNY FACE and TONGUE IN CHEEK: Related French fanzines that embellished their coverage of the Silly Pillows with cartoons that inspired the "Mr. Pillow" symbol. Jonathan honored the editor in the song "Katy Tongue in Cheek".

GUIDICI, SHAUNA: Singer who appeared with the Pillows at the January, 1997 N.Y.C. Popfest.

HAZELTONES: Sam's solo pop project, which saw a 7" EP release on Hoppel di Hoy in 1993. (Jonathan co-wrote one of the songs on this record.)

HOPPEL DI HOY: German indie label, originally affiliated with Little Teddy, that released the first SP vinyl (the When She Gets Home EP) as its first catalog item in 1993.

INDIE OUTING: MTV program that gave a few minutes of air time to the New Affections CD in 1998.

JOACHIM, DAVE: Since 1995, Silly Pillows drummer/percussionist/songwriter/vocalist. Dave is also part of the N.Y.C. band Beyond Blue (who have loaned their horn section to the Pillows on occasion).

JOHNSON CITY COFFEEHOUSE: In 1987, Jonathan and Hilary performed in this Binghamton-area venue as part of an "Open Mike Night" -- the first live performance by The Silly Pillows. They were booked to return for their own show, but had to cancel. As it turned out, nothing called "Silly Pillows" was to appear live again anywhere until 1996!

KLIMT, GUSTAV: Artist of the Vienna Secession movement who is spoofed on the back cover of New Affections and alluded to in "The Woman in the Iridescent Clothes".

LITTLE TEDDY: German indie label that has been responsible for releasing a large proportion of the SP vinyl and CDs.

LOOK! THE DOLBY'S OFF! Fan-club only cassette anthology of SP home recordings, released by Perfect Pop in 1993.

LUKEWARM WEATHER: The title track of a 7" EP on Little Teddy in 1995.

LUNA LOUNGE: Manhattan club where the Pillows have appeared.

MARGINAL WAY: An oceanside walkway in Ogunquit, Maine, and the setting for Jonathan and Cheryl's composition "Love on the Marginal Way", heard on the Equilibrium EP.

MAXWELL'S: Hoboken, N.J. club where the Pillows have appeared.

McBAIN: Mid-'90s U.S. cassette comp featuring the Pillows.

MCKNIGHT, THOMAS: Contemporary artist who is spoofed on the Up in the Air booklet reverse.

MERCURY LOUNGE: Manhattan club where the Pillows have appeared.

MILLER, BELINDA: Silly Pillows vocalist/songwriter since 1997. Before (and while) branching out as a pop performer, Belinda has inhabited the music world as a radio announcer.

MR. PILLOW: Cartoon, anthropomorphized pillow who is featured in various SP graphics. (Browse this website thoroughly and you'll find him!)

THE MUFFIN: A nickname for the Caws-Elwitt home in Pennsylvania. Silly Pillows cassettes recorded in the early '90s bore the legend "Recorded at the Muffin".

NEOSYNC LABS: Binghamton, N.Y. studio at which the New Affections/Affectionette sessions were recorded.

NEW AFFECTIONS: The title track of the band's 1998 release (on Little Teddy) of new studio recordings.

NO PIGEONHOLES: Community radio program in California that gave the Pillows their first airplay in 1988.

OPTION: Music magazine that used to review self-released cassettes. In 1988, Option gave the Pillows their first review.

OUT OF MY DEPTH: The almost-title track of the Out of Our Depth LP/CD, and also the name of a rare promotional 7" single (b/w "Perfect Pop") jointly released by Little Teddy and Perfect Pop in 1996.

OUT OF OUR DEPTH: An album recorded in 1995-96, by the end of which process most of the band's current lineup were in place. This album was jointly released by Perfect Pop and Little Teddy.

PERFECT POP: Norwegian label that released SP studio recordings between 1994 and 1996. (Also see next entry.)

A PERFECT POP COMPILATION, 1991-1994: Compilation CD featuring the Pillows and other PP bands. Quasi-title track "Perfect Pop" by the Pillows. Released in 1995.

PILLOW IMAGE LTD: The name of the band's cassette label, on which home recordings were released between 1988 and 1993. (This name was also used for a Little Teddy reissue of SP home recordings on LP in 1996.)

POPFEST: One of a series of indiepop/"tweepop" music festivals spanning 1995-1998. The Pillows performed at the January, 1997 New York Popfest. Jonathan's composition "I Met Her at the Popfest" appears on the New Affections album.

PILLOW PAW PRINTS: A major-label (Japan) CD retrospective of The Silly Pillows, released in 1997.

PRODUCE: Early '90s U.S. cassette comp (Set Cassettes) featuring the Pillows.

PURE POP FOR FIDGETY PEOPLE: N.Y. radio program that was among the first to play the Pillows.

ROCHESTER: A city in upstate New York (with connections to Silly Pillows history) which was the location for the 1998 "Time Zones" video shoot.

ROVER: Japanese indie label that released the chart-climbing Silly Pillows/Citrus "I Liked It -- What Was It"/"She's Just Being a Kid" 7" in 1996, and the SP's Affectionette EP in 1997.

SASSY: Mid-'90s French cassette comp featuring the Pillows.

SAXON RECORDING: Rochester, N.Y. studio at which the Equilibrium EP was recorded in 1993.

SILLY IMAGE PILLOWHEAD: A long-playing CD collection of old SP home recordings, hand-picked by Jonathan from the vast number of tracks the band recorded in the "old days". This disc was released jointly by Ultraberry (U.S.) and Little Teddy (Europe) in 1999.

SILLY PILLOWS UNSTUFFED: A live act in which Charlie and Jonathan present piano-and-vocal renditions of SP tunes.

SMASH! TINKLE: 1993 compilation LP by the German label Pico Records that included a Linda Smith-penned SP (Jonathan and Hilary) home recording.

SMITH, LINDA: Silly Pillows vocalist/songwriter in 1995-1996. Linda is best known to many listeners as a solo artist. The track she and Jonathan wrote together for the Out of Our Depth album, "A Quiet Evening", has also appeared in a solo L. Smith recording on a Harriet Records compilation.

SOUND CHOICE: A music zine where you might have seen Silly Pillows cassettes reviewed in the late 1980s.

STEBLEN, BRIAN: Director of the Pillows' 1998 "Time Zones" video. Brian can be heard on Silly Image Pillowhead, on a 1987 track called "Frozen Vegetables" on which he collaborated with the Caws-Elwitts.

STRANGEST OF THE STRANGE: The title track of the SPs' first full-length vinyl release (Little Teddy 1994).

STRANGEST SONGS: The band's music publishing company.

ULTRABERRY RECORDS: Jonathan's record label, created in 1999 to handle the U.S. release of Silly Image Pillowhead.

UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS: Colorado radio program that was among the first to play the Pillows.

UP IN THE AIR: The band's first CD (Perfect Pop 1995), which comprised the tracks from the Equilibrium EP, the studio half of Strangest of the Strange, and the studio cuts from the Lukewarm Weather 7".

USA GOES POP: U.S. cassette comp (Lonely Whistle) featuring the Pillows (released ca. 1990).

WATERWORKS N.Y.C.: The studio at which the Pillows recorded from 1994 through 1996.

WFMU: Venerable New Jersey community radio station that has given the SPs lots of exposure over the years.

WHEN SHE GETS HOME: A song home-recorded in 1988, originally released on a SP cassette called New Ears. "When She Gets Home" became the title track of the first SP vinyl release, a 7" EP on Hoppel di Hoy/Little Teddy from 1993 that reissued 3 home recordings. (Note: the version of "When She Gets Home" that appears on the Pillow Paw Prints and Silly Image Pillowhead CDs is a remake from 1992.)

ZAJKOWSKI, CHRIS: "Christopher Earl" of the one-person pop act Squires of the Subterrain (and many other Rochester-area bands and projects). Chris did drums, percussion, and backing vocals on the Pillows' Equilibrium EP, which includes one of his compositions, "Daisy Sunglasses".

ZAYLESKIE, CHARLIE: Since 1996, Silly Pillows keyboardist/songwriter/vocalist. Charlie has also been seen participating in a series of compilations on Medicine Park Records, as part of the Neos and as a solo artist (supported by members of the Pillows). Jonathan has co-written these compilation tracks with Charlie. Charlie has also made some live appearances with Cockeyed Ghost.

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